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Redbridge Dementia Befriending Service

What is the Dementia Befriending Service

  • The result of a partnership between 3 key agencies: LivingWell Resource Centre for People with Dementia; RCMH; and Age UK Redbridge's Early Intervention Service.
  • It aims to improve the quality of life of people with dementia both in the community and those in a long term care setting (such as residential or nursing care).
  • We would visit someone on a regular basis to provide befriending and encouragement for social activity, as well as help people to maintain some of their prior interests.
  • We aim to be flexible in our approach, wherever possible working from the perspective of the person with dementia to meet their needs - whether this be helping someone to go out for a while or simply to sit with them and share memories and interests.

Is there someone you might think benefit from befriending?

Dementia is an ‘umbrella’ term that describes a number of brain disorders that commonly cause a loss of brain function and skill. The most familiar of these are Alzheimer's Disease and Vascular Dementia.

Dementia can be tremendously isolating- both for the person who has the illness and for his or her carer(s). Befriending can be a means of social and emotional support and reducing this isolation, as well as provide:

  • an opportunity to share a hobby, an activity and reminiscence
  • an interest in someone's life history
  • the opportunity for company to play games (i.e. cards, word games)
  • a walk in the garden
  • or a trip to the shops ...

......for example

Volunteering with Redbridge Dementia Befriending Service

Volunteering as a befriender can be a very rewarding experience. The volunteer often feels that they are truly making a difference to someone’s life.

We are looking for people who wish to become involved in this new project and are prepared to commit their time on a regular basis.

We do not expect you to be an expert in dementia but do ask you be prepared to use your life experience and interest in others to make that difference. In return for this, Redbridge Dementia Befriending Service commits to:

  • training you for your volunteering
  • provide ongoing support
  • reasonable travel and out of pocket expenses
  • the chance to improve the quality of someone’s life
  • developing your skills

For further information and referrals:

Regina Byrne, Project Manager



Redbridge Concern for Mental Health
98-100 Ilford Lane, Ilford, Essex